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Redmine Agile plugin demo Administrator 04/08/2014
Redmine CRM plugin demo Administrator 11/16/2010
Redmine Helpdesk plugin demo Administrator, Support 10/19/2011
Redmine Invoices plugin demo Administrator 12/01/2011
Redmine Products plugin demo Administrator 11/05/2013




09:44 Redmine Helpdesk plugin demo Support #602 (Closed): Invitation to Agile summit
Smith Paul
01:07 Redmine Products plugin demo RedmineUP
Software development Moscow, 107014, Russia Smith Paul


01:48 Redmine CRM plugin demo Note for: Furniture design
The process of investigation, performed by investors, into the details of a potential investment, such as an examinat... Smith Paul


03:00 Redmine Invoices plugin demo Invoice created #EST/20120115-54 (Estimate): EUR 777.62
EST/20120115-54 Microsoft EUR 777.62 Sometimes you may need to enter long product descriptions on the *invoice* body.... Smith Paul
03:00 Redmine Invoices plugin demo Invoice created #INV/20120122-61 (Paid): EUR 5510.4
INV/20120122-61 Apple Inc. EUR 5510.4 The invoice sample below guides to key information associated with your billings Smith Paul


11:28 Redmine Helpdesk plugin demo 3:00 hours (Support #574 (In Progress): Questions about commercial support)
Commercial propose Smith Paul
11:28 Redmine Agile plugin demo 5:00 hours (User story #588 (Resolved): Backlog and sprint planning )
Javascript library Smith Paul


16:12 Redmine CRM plugin demo Note for: ERP system integration
iWay Software enables comprehensive integration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as SAP, Peoplesoft... Smith Paul
13:50 Redmine Agile plugin demo Task #600 (In Progress): Javascript method for Ajax POST request
Smith Paul
13:50 Redmine Agile plugin demo Task #601 (Closed): New live_search scope for issue
Smith Paul

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